Unexpected picture

Tony sat in the hotel bar waiting. His old man was always late if he wasn’t in the middle of Tony’s cases. He sighed as he sipped on his drink and looked around wondering what excuse was going to be used this time. His father’s wedding was in only a few days and he arrived in New York early to prepare for it.

“Sorry, I’m late!” the older DiNozzo’s hurried voice came from behind the younger one. “I thought I left in enough time, but there was an accident on the way here and traffic was at a standstill.” He added as Tony stood up to give his dad a hug.

“That’s okay, dad,” Tony murmured in his ear. “A phone call would’ve been nice though.”

The men sat down at the table and Tony singled for another round of drinks for the both of them. “So, getting nervous, dad?”

The older DiNozzo looked thoughtful for a moment and then smiled, “not at all, son, not at all.”

“Good. I really do think mom would approve of the two of you getting married,” Tony sincerely smiled at his dad.

“I hope so.”

“How was your trip to Europe?”

“It was good. I was able to meet with some people I’ve worked with before and I might have something in the works with them in the near future.”

His father looked downright jovial over his revelation that Tony decided not to poke any holes in it. Maybe his father was being truthful this time and he really did have a business project in the works. Since he had gotten together with Tony’s Godmother he had changed for the better so anything was possible at this point. “Good for you, dad. I hope it all works out.”

Their drinks arrived and after a long pull from his the older DiNozzo quietly looked at his son. “I… I ran into a mutual friend of ours over there,” he spoke in soft, halting tones.

“Oh?” Tony’s interest was piqued. “And who was that?”

“A man that goes by Pinkas. He said that you two have met before and I believe him to be true.”

Tony smiled at the last name. “Shmeil, yes, I know him.” He paused for a beat, “how was he?”

“He seemed well enough. He was in town giving a lecture on Middle Eastern Philosophy at a university.”

“Makes sense,” Tony nodded. “What did you two talk about?”

“Oh, a lot of things. Weather, work, my getting married,” he looked down into his drink and quietly added, “you.”

Tony nearly choked on his drink. “What about me?”

“Nothing bad,” he promised. “He was wondering how you were doing and how NCIS was. He… I’m sure he was interested, but he wasn’t just asking for himself.” He reached into the breast pocket of his jacket and pulled out a picture. “He said you might like this.”

Carefully Tony took this picture from his father and cradled it in his hand. His breath caught in his throat when he saw who it was a picture of. Her skin was golden brown and her hair was streaked by the sun. Her eyes were alive, but still slightly guarded. He supposed they always would be. She was looking over her shoulder as she walked down the steps towards an opening that lead to the sea just beyond. He could see the blue water framing her. She looked relaxed. He looked at the picture for a few long moments before flipping it over to find the small black print on the back: “Ziva, Crete, May 2014”. He flipped the picture back over and began to memorize everything about it. The orange walls to either side of her, her hair, her eyes, the smile playing on her lips, the color of her tanned skin. It had been so long since he had seen a new picture of her.

“He said that she speaks of you often. She doesn’t mean to, but they start talking and at some point you come up,” the older man’s voice softly broke into Tony’s head. “The others too, but you’re the one she goes on and on about.”

Tony glanced up at his father. “Did he say what she talks about?”

The older DiNozzo shook his head negatively.

“Oh,” was all Tony could muster before taking one last look at the picture and carefully tucking it into the breast pocket of his jacket.

“Maybe you should email her, Tony,” his father urged. “Take it from a man who spent too many years looking for the right woman after your mother passed. It took me five tries to ask you Godmother out on a date and the moment she said yes and we had our first date I knew that she may not be your mother, but I would never let her go. You and Ziva… she’s to you what your mother was to me, Tony. You two need to give that a chance. You still have the chance to be with the woman who means the world to you. You’d be foolish to let that go forever. Obviously she hasn’t let you go if she still speaks of you endlessly.”

“It’s not that easy dad.”

“Yes it is. You just have to make a phone call or an email. It’s that easy.”

“And if she doesn’t pick up or respond? Then what?” he tried to keep the bitterness out of his voice, the feelings from the tarmac bubbling up in him. He never wanted to leave her there. “She was the one to stay behind. I begged her to come home with me. She refused.”

“Just give it a try, Tony. It has been nearly a year. She has had time and maybe her feelings have changed, but she’s scared of how you would react. You’ll never know until you give it a chance.”

Tony heaved a sigh. “We’ll see. We’re not here about Ziva right now. You’re about to get married again! Let’s talk about that? What needs to be done before Saturday?”

I have decided to keep this blog up for now, but I will not be visiting it very often. There are some things on here that I will need in the future and that is why I’m keeping it. I will tell you if/when it will be deleted.


I have been relatively silent as of late for a variety of reasons and I have thought about this site, the people on it, how people behave, how it makes me feel, and I have silently scanned through the postings of those that I follow on here during my time of silence. I have come to the point that…

"…she had wild eyes, slightly insane. She also carried an overload of compassion that was real enough and which obviously cost her something."
— Charles Bukowski, Women (via aestheticintrovert)

I have been relatively silent as of late for a variety of reasons and I have thought about this site, the people on it, how people behave, how it makes me feel, and I have silently scanned through the postings of those that I follow on here during my time of silence. I have come to the point that I am close to deleting this blog altogether. I will give you until the end of May to change my mind. Not many spoke to me before my silence and even fewer have even dropped a “hey, are you okay?” since my silence started so I don’t hold my breath for anyone trying to keep me here, but you do have the chance. It’s up to you. You have until the 1st of June…


what is it that you want?


what is it that you want?


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